Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will answer some common questions and solve some common problems to do with the CapChecker.

I have capped this week, but I am not showing up on the tracker!

This is likely because your adventurer's log is set to private! The CapChecker uses the "I have capped in the citadel" message on your adventurer's log to determine whether or not you have capped.

In order to make the log public you will have to follow the following steps:
1. go to http://runescape.com
2. Log in and head to account settings.
3. Scroll to the bottom and open the Runemetrics Profile drop down.
4. Make sure to select Public and press the Change settings button.

a public adventurer's log

I have a public runemetrics profile, why is my cap not showing up on the checker?

It sounds like you're a busy person! It is possible that you have generated too many adventurer's log entries in the timespan of our data refresh cycle. The CapChecker only retrieves new data at a 4 hour interval, this is to prevent us from sending too many requests to the RuneScape API, as well as to save out on unnecessary processing. To prevent your adventurer's log from getting cluttered up we recommend you filter out some of the spam messages that can cause this to happen.

To alter what is shown on your adventurer's log you have to follow the following steps:
1. Log into RuneScape
2. Open Game Settings
3. In the side menu select Miscellaneous Settings.
4. Scroll down to Adventurer's Log and start toggling things off!

We recommend toggling off messages such as Boss Kills, Treasure Trails, NPC kills and anything to do with Dungeoneering.

a clean adventurer's log